Thursday, November 5, 2015

12 year old who is as big as a Toddler

The bubbly schoolgirl has defied doctors since the day she was born weighing just 2.5lbs and 11 inches from head to toe. Kenadie's mum, Brianne Jourdin, 36, was told her daughter wouldn’t survive more than a few days. However, despite having learning difficulties and fragile, thin bones - Kenadie plays hockey, swims, and functions in school. 

At 8-months Kenadie was diagnosed with Primordial Dwarfism - a condition causing underdevelopment of limbs, which affects about 100 people worldwide.
The now seventh grader stands at just 39.5 inches tall, while her 10-year-old brother, Tyran, towers over her.

Brianne said: “She’s kind hearted, she is loving and wants to share everything with everyone.
“She is feisty, determined and independent - she takes no crap from anybody.” Kenadie wears an infant size 7 shoe and weighs just 23.5lbs - wearing clothes fit for a toddler. Kenadie has a busy social life and takes skating classes, swimming lessons, and plays with friends after school.Brianne said:

 “It makes me so proud to see her in these activities it makes me cry." But she also faces some serious medical threats as those suffering the condition are prone to fragile and thin bones.
She also faces the danger of developing scoliosis or an aneurysm.
Brianne said: “Having Kenadie definitely tested my faith many times - watching her struggle isn’t easy. “It’s a reality we’ll lose her - I lose my breath for a moment thinking about it.

“My hope for the future for Kenadie is just that she is happy and that she finds things that make her happy and make her smile.”

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